Sunburn Treatment for Residents and Visitors of Maui, HI

Sunburn Treatment Maui HIIf you require sunburn treatment in Maui, Hawaii, trust in the health care professionals at Urgent Care West Maui. Our compassionate and experienced doctors have treated many visitors and residents suffering from non-emergent illnesses and injuries like sunburns. And at our clinic, there is usually a minimal wait to see one of our doctors, making your visit to Urgent Care West Maui easier, faster, and more convenient than an emergency room visit.

While many cases of sunburn that develop in Maui, HI, are not serious, sometimes sunburn treatment at a medical facility is required. The medical professionals at Urgent Care West Maui recommend that you seek treatment if your sunburn:

  • Appears to be severe, with blisters forming on large portions of your body
  • Has become infected
  • Is accompanied by a fever, nausea, chills, and/or pain
  • Is not responding to at-home treatment

At Urgent Care West Maui, we have administered sunburn treatment to many patients. While the recommended treatment will vary depending on the area and severity of a patient’s burn, our doctors will normally work to keep the affected area moist and covered so as not to irritate the burn further. If the burn is accompanied by a fever or other ailment, diagnostic testing services might be needed in order to determine the presence of other conditions, if any, and what further treatment may be necessary. We offer many different diagnostic testing services, including EKGs, X-rays, and laboratory testing.

To seek sunburn treatment at Urgent Care West Maui, visit our clinic at your earliest convenience. We are open to both visitors and residents of Maui, HI, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.* every day, and no appointments are necessary.

*Please be advised that visits taking place on weekdays after 5 p.m., Saturdays after 12 p.m., and Sundays and holidays are subject to an additional after-hours charge.