First-Rate Sprained Ankle Treatment for Maui, Hawaii, Residents and Visitors

Sprained Ankle Treatment Maui HIUrgent Care West Maui proudly offers sprained ankle treatment, as well as care for a wide variety of other non-life-threatening conditions, to both visitors and residents of Maui, HI. Our experienced doctors understand that a sprained ankle can be very painful, and receiving personalized care fast and efficiently is very important to helping patients feel well again. That is why we do not require appointments, and wait times are usually minimal to be seen by one of our doctors. Our urgent care facility is also open 365 days a year during extended, convenient hours, so no matter what time a day one sustains an injury, our skilled and experienced doctors can help them.

A sprained ankle occurs when one rolls, twists, or turns their ankle in an unnatural way. While there is a variety of ways someone may sustain the injury in Maui, Hawaii, the doctors at Urgent Care West Maui are specialized to treat the condition no matter how it occurred. They will begin the sprained ankle treatment process by diagnosing the condition, which includes performing a full examination of the patient while checking for points of tenderness in the foot and range of motion. X-rays and other types of diagnostic testing services, conveniently located at our facility, may also be needed to confirm the injury and rule out other conditions, such as a bone fracture. Indicators of a sprained ankle include:

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Limited range of motion
  • Limping
  • Bruising

Although sprained ankle treatment will depend on the severity of the sprain, over-the-counter medications are a common form of treatment to help with pain. If the injury is more severe, our doctors may recommend an elastic bandage, sports tape, an ankle brace, or even a cast or walking boot to stabilize or immobilize the ankle so it has time to heal.

For sprained ankle treatment when it is most convenient for you, visit Urgent Care West Maui located in Maui, Hawaii.