Heat Stroke Treatment Available at Urgent Care West Maui in Maui, Hawaii

Heat Stroke Treatment Maui HI Receiving heat stroke treatment fast and efficiently is essential. A heat stroke is a condition that occurs when the body overheats, often as a result of intense exposure to the sun in places like Maui, HI. If not treated quickly, a heat stroke can rapidly damage important parts of the body, including the brain, heart, kidneys, and muscles.

At Urgent Care West Maui, our highly skilled and experienced doctors are trained to provide competent, prompt, and effective care for a heat stroke, as well as many other non-emergency conditions, including fractures, influenza, and sea urchin stings. Unlike receiving treatment in an emergency room, our care is affordable, and wait times to see our doctors are usually minimal. And, getting access to our impeccable care is easy, as we do not require appointments and are open 365 days a year for both residents and visitors of Maui, Hawaii.

If you visit Urgent Care West Maui in need of care for a heat stroke, our doctors will first provide a comprehensive examination, looking for signs and symptoms of the condition, such as a high body temperature, nausea, vomiting, rapid breathing, flushed skin, and a headache. Once the condition is confirmed, the first step to heat stroke treatment is cooling down the body, as to reduce complications. Depending on the severity of condition, some treatment options may include:

  • Immersing the patient in a cold water bath
  • Applying ice or a cooling blanket
  • Prescribing medication to stop the shivering and relax the body

Visit Urgent Care West Maui located in Maui, Hawaii, at your earliest convenience to receive treatment for a heat stroke or another ailing condition.