Receive Heat Exhaustion Treatment at Urgent Care West Maui Conveniently Located in Maui, Hawaii

Heat Exhaustion Treatment Maui HIWhen you are suffering from heat exhaustion in Maui, HI, receiving treatment fast is very important. Heat exhaustion is when your body overheats as a result of exposure to high temperatures, especially when combined with humidity and physical activity. If heat exhaustion is not treated promptly and effectively, it can lead to the more aggressive heat-related symptom, heat stroke, which can cause brain and organ damage.

Urgent Care West Maui is ready to assist both visitors and residents of Maui, Hawaii, who are suffering from heat exhaustion or another non-emergency condition. We are dedicated to helping our patients receive the quick and personal care that they deserve so they can start feeling better as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on being an easier, faster, less expensive, and more convenient option than visiting the emergency room, as we are affordable, boast short wait times, and do not require an appointment. And, our clinic is open 365 days a year to assist patients whenever they need it most.

If you visit Urgent Care West Maui in need of heat exhaustion treatment, our doctors will provide a thorough physical assessment, looking for certain symptoms to diagnose the condition, including dizziness, headaches, fainting, confusion, nausea, rapid heartbeat, and profuse sweating. Your doctor may also take your temperature to rule out the more serious condition, heat stroke. While treatment will vary depending on the patient, more often than not, our doctors will:

  • Provide fluids
  • Employ cooling measures
  • Recommend that patients wear loose clothing and get plenty of rest

To receive heat exhaustion treatment or care for another illness or injury in Maui, Hawaii, visit Urgent Care West Maui at your earliest convenience.

*Please be advised that visits taking place on weekdays after 5 p.m., Saturdays after 12 p.m., and Sundays and holidays are subject to an additional after-hours charge.