Why Choose Our Health Clinic Over the Others in Lahaina, HI?

Health Clinic Lahaina HI | West Maui

Urgent Care West Maui is the premier health clinic serving the residents and visitors of Lahaina, Hawaii. Our team of  highly skilled physicians has the experience necessary to provide effective treatment for a wide range of non-life-threatening medical conditions while also prioritizing compassion and convenience. So, whether you or a loved one is suffering from an acute illness, such as a fever or ear infection, or a minor to moderate injury, such as a laceration, you can visit our clinic to receive the highest quality of care.

Some of the reasons that residents and visitors of Lahaina, HI, choose our health clinic over others in the area include:

  • We offer affordable pricing – Our services are comparable to those offered at the hospital, but they are much more affordable.
  • Our services are comprehensive – In addition to being able to treat a wide range of medical conditions, we offer many procedures and diagnostic tests in-house, such as laceration repair, X-rays, and EKGs.
  • We are a convenient healthcare solution – Our health clinic is open every day of the week from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.*, allowing you to visit us at the time that works best with your work or school schedule.

Additionally, at Urgent Care West Maui, we go the extra mile for our patients by offering family medicine services. This means that we can provide you with ongoing care for a chronic condition, such as diabetes, and even perform physical exams, medical checkups, and preventative care services.

If you are a resident or visitor of Lahaina, HI, and would like treatment form a compassionate, experienced physician at a convenient health clinic, visit Urgent Care West Maui today.

*Please be advised that visits taking place on weekdays after 5 p.m., Saturdays after 12 p.m., and Sundays and holidays are subject to an additional after-hours charge.