Visit a Chiropractor to Treat Headaches in Lahaina, HI

Chiropractor for Headaches Lahaina HIAre you in need of a chiropractor for headaches who serves patients in Lahaina, Hawaii? If so, turn to Urgent Care West Maui. We have a highly experienced, board-certified chiropractor on our staff who takes a comprehensive approach to back and neck health. This means that he spends a significant amount of time with each patient – as opposed to practices that provide short “crack and pop” sessions – and focuses and muscle symmetry, biomechanics, and strength.

When you visit our chiropractor for headaches at Urgent Care West Maui, we will develop a custom treatment plan with the goal of reducing or eliminating your need for adjustments. Because of this, we place a heavy emphasis on patient education, and will teach you exercises and other techniques that contribute to long-term healing. We also offer a wide range of chiropractic services to accommodate your specific needs. These include:

  • High-force and low-force chiropractic adjustments – This is the application of varying levels of targeted force to increase range of motion.
  • Soft tissue work – Our chiropractor uses trigger-point therapy to apply pressure to muscles and correct muscle fiber orientation.
  • Electric stimulation – This therapy is used to treat muscle spasms and can also be used to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Traction – This treatment involves manual decompression of intervertebral discs to target muscles that can’t be reached during a massage.
  • Postural techniques – We can help patients dealing with chronic conditions, such as headaches, find relief by evaluating their body mechanics, center of gravity, and weight distribution.

If you need a chiropractor for headaches in Lahaina, HI, call Urgent Care West Maui today to learn more about how we can help you find relief.

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