Ankle Fracture Treatment for Residents and Visitors of Lahaina, Hawaii

Ankle Fracture Treatment Lahaina HI Urgent Care West Maui is proud to offer ankle fracture treatment and care for a variety of other non-emergency ailments to both visitors and residents of Lahaina, HI. At our urgent care center, our highly-trained and experienced doctors offer the comprehensive care patients deserve, taking the time to fully assess their condition and answer any questions along the way. No appointments are needed to see one of our doctors, and there is usually only a minimal wait to be seen by one. Additionally, we are open 365 days a year during convenient hours, so you can visit our center when it is most convenient for you.

Ankle Fracture Treatment

Patients in need of ankle fracture treatment that visit Urgent Care West Maui in Lahaina, Hawaii, will first be provided with a comprehensive examination. Our doctors may ask questions about the injury, such as, but not limited to, where does it hurt, when did the injury occur, how did the possible fracture occur, and have you sustained any other ankle fracture or sprains in the past? They will also look for symptoms of a fracture, including:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising

Thanks to our in-house diagnostic testing services, our doctors will then perform an X-ray on the ankle, as well as other areas where pain is being experienced, to confirm the injury. If the ankle is broken, our doctors will immobilize it with a cast or brace. The patient is then referred to an orthopedic specialist so that they can receive further assistance throughout the healing process.

For ankle fracture treatment or care for another condition, such as a sunburn, laceration, dehydration, or influenza, visit Urgent Care West Maui conveniently located in Lahaina, Hawaii.